01. It was hard for everyone to [squeeze] into the van because there was a bunch of camping equipment in there as well.
02. Sometimes I like to [squeeze] fresh orange juice to drink for breakfast.
03. The mother [squeezed] her young son's hand to comfort him.
04. He [squeezed] a blob of ketchup onto his hamburger.
05. I was amazed to see how many people could [squeeze] onto one bus when I was travelling in Guatemala.
06. When I shook Lars' hand, he [squeezed] mine so hard I thought he was going to break my fingers.
07. When my daughter was a baby, she used to love to [squeeze] fresh peaches in her fist, so she could feel them squirt through her fingers.
08. Someone once observed that it isn't easy for an idea to [squeeze] itself into a head filled with prejudice.
09. In one of his novels, Salman Rushdie wrote of a woman who was being stared at by a man, "She could feel his eyes [squeezing] her breasts."
10. I've heard that a cat uses its whiskers to determine if a space is too small to [squeeze] through.
11. In 1962, astronaut John Glenn ate the first meal in space when he ate applesauce [squeezed] from a tube aboard a spaceship.
12. Some snakes [squeeze] animals to death, and then eat them whole.
13. Cockroaches have flat bodies, so they can [squeeze] under things to hide.
14. Norway's short summer season means farmers have to [squeeze] a lot of activity into a tight time period.
15. A Zen proverb remarks that the tighter you [squeeze], the less you have.
16. Excuse me Henry. Can I just [squeeze] by you there?
17. Ants do not eat food - they drink the juice which they [squeeze] from pieces of food.

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